Paid Media Specialist

$40,000 - $50,000 / Year + Benefits


A fast-growing digital agency, TTBA operates as the marketing department for brands and organizations targeting the North American consumer. Beyond project management and digital campaign execution, our team plays a key role in strategic planning, budget allocation and creative direction for globally recognized brands.

Our vision is to create a world where marketing is at the intersection of art, science and human behavior. Our goal is to enable brands to understand their customers and have a conversation with them. How do we get there?

By cultivating initiative and empathy

By promoting communication and growth

By ensuring balance in our lives

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1. Digital campaign management and strategy development

  • Effectively manage advertising campaigns on the Internet (SEM) in digital display and also on social media;
  • Show clients the return on investment (ROI) and focus on the objectives to be achieved;
  • Participate with the account manager in the deployment of the strategy for each client;
  • Provide the agency's clients with reports that communicate results in clear and useful language;
  • Demonstrate and ensure the effectiveness of paid search campaigns.

2. Close connection with clients

  • Meet with clients and report on current campaigns performance and suggested changes, if any;
  • Accompany the management team with your audits, analysis and recommendations for future campaigns;
  • Suggest new avenues and strategies for the development of current and future clients.

3. Creativity and market trends

  • Keep abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing;
  • Be proactive in identifying new opportunities through current best practices to improve the performance of current and future marketing campaigns;
  • Suggest new ways of doing things to team members and contribute to the development of each person's skills;
  • Maintain Google Partner, Bing, Facebook and other certifications;
  • Take part in networking activities and participate in events related to the digital marketing field.


  • The candidate has a university degree in marketing, communications or other related discipline;
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in a similar position;
  • Strong understanding of Paid Search (SEM) and Display Advertising;
  • Extensive knowledge of Paid Social such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn;
  • Google Ads Certified (any other Google or Facebook certifications would be an asset);
  • Fine measurement of campaign results and reporting in plain language that is useful to the client;
  • Good ability to work on cross-functional digital marketing campaigns;
  • Leadership and ability to coach team members;
  • Ability to identify sales opportunities and new ways to optimize results;
  • Proven ability to create unique, high-quality content;
  • High professional integrity.
Qualities sought
Ideal candidate

The candidate is intellectually curious, creative and has a strong interest in social media.

Time Management

The candidate manages his/her time and priorities effectively and knows when to take action.


The candidate is meticulous in his or her work and has organizational skills.


The candidate can handle several files at once and knows how to manage pressure.


The candidate knows how to work in a team and how to maintain good relationships with colleagues.

Shares the Corporate Culture

The candidate endorses the corporate culture and contributes to its development.

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