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Grow Your Network on LinkedIn. Generate B2B Leads with Zero Ads.

We will connect you directly with your prospective customers on LinkedIn.

Why This LinkedIn Service is Awesome for B2B Lead Generation

No Advertising Budget
This approach requires zero advertising. No need for an ad budget what so ever.
Unprecedented Response Rate
LinkedIn user engagement today is like email in the 90's. Our campaigns average 95% open rate, 80% add rate and 40% response rate.
Unique Targeting Opportunities
LinkedIn offers a variety of targeting options that are unique to the platform. Reaching executives has never been so easy.
Networking at Scale
Our personal approach breaks the ice with your prospective customers to build a human relationship with them.

Why Now?

Business People
are on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a leading social network for business professionals to communicate with each other.
Be the First to
Capitalize on It
Nobody's doing it. Take advantage of it now and get a head start on your competitors.
As soon as we press 'play' new connections and messages start pouring into your inbox

How it works:

1. Choose your target
We target connections by:
- Geography
- Company
- Industry
- Company Headcount
- Seniority Level
- Function
- Title
2. We audit and review your profile
We optimize your LinkedIn profile and your company's profile to ensure a high conversion rate.
3. We craft engaging messages
We craft series of messages that will spark conversations and allow you to speak with your prospective customers.
4. We reach out to prospects
We connect with targeted individuals on LinkedIn on your behalf. We virtually network to build meaningful relationships starting with conversations that lead to closed deals.
5. Your network is booming, are you catching up?
Take advantage of LinkedIn networking on your mobile or desktop device from the comfort of your own space. Lead conversations and win opportunities that would take you months to develop traditionally.
Key Performance Indicators
up to
Contacts Reached / Month
up to
Acceptance Rate

up to
New Contacts / Month
We don't force contracts.
If you don't like the service, cancel anytime.
Ready in 1 week
One-time Investment
LinkedIn Profile
  • $850 CAD / One-time
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
    (headline, profile setup)

    Cover Image Design
  • Copywriting of Profile Description
Messaging Copywriting

Target List Selection/Building
(research, select, build target list)
I want it!
Ready in 1 week
Monthly Investment
  • $650 CAD / Month
  • Daily Outreach
    (50 contacts per day)

    Messaging Copywriting

    Target List Selection/Building
    (research, select, build target list)

    Monthly Performance Report
I want it!
Ready in 1 week
Monthly Investment
Thought Leader
  • $1750 CAD / Month
  • Ghost Writing Service
    (4 posts per month)

    Posts calendar management
  • Daily Outreach (50 contacts per day)

    Messaging Copywriting

    Monthly Performance Report
I want it!
I was able to speak with executive level individuals within days - something that would normally take us months to accomplish. Overall great experience!
David A Hayes
CEO of UltraPreneur International
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