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STILL THINK THAT Social Media is not good for business?

By Leo Gamayunov
President & VP Operations at TTBA Group
on April 13, 2016
Let's see if I am the only one.

- I do not watch TV
- I skip commercials when I see them
- I do not pay attention to billboards
- I do not like to be forced to view things
- I do not like to be sold to


- I have my phone with at all times
- I like to choose what I want to watch
- I like to watch it on my own time
- I follow if I am interested
- I buy things that I am interested in

I bet every one of you will say the same thing.

20 years ago, there was no internet. No mobile phones. No social media. No bad reviews. No influencers. No cat videos.

Imagine. Traditional media was booming. TV, radio, billboards, banners, flyers, posters, magazines. Huge attention - big budgets, millions of advertising dollars spent. Everywhere you look, only a one-way stream media structure with no return channel for feedback.

At first, it was exciting and then it wasn't. People's attention was abused. Back in the 1980s, an average American would see 500 marketing messages a week. Today, we see about 5,000 brand exposures every single day, of which 362 are ads (source). We became immune to all this multimedia noise. Ninety nine percent of all these messages are for "nobody-cares" types of consumer products. They represent millions of dollars wasted by tens of thousands of businesses.

Now think about ".com" boom

Technology and internet changed the world undeniably. It changed us, and it also changed business.

It led to the decentralization of attention and empowerment of the consumer. Markets are driven by the masses like never before. Consumer behaviour is what drives their own interests and their preferences.

Refusing "pushy" ads; today's consumer is actively, willingly and passionately searching for the best value across various channels. He is constantly comparing prices, browsing features and selecting between models. We all know the story of a single bad review that destroyed an entire reputation. Have you ever heard the term "Social proof"? It's a big deal, and it is happening now.
Two and a half billion
people will be using social media by 2018 (source). Every single hour of every single day, these people are filtering information on their phones. Millions of product views and reviews are being produced daily. An influencer today can move more people than New York Times can. Why? Because the birth of social media decentralized the source of information. Media corporations designed the system to solely regulate and sort the data prior to the distribution. Not anymore. Technological growth allowed communities, professionals, as well as casual users, to become the media. It encouraged society to change the definition of journalism.

Quick Fact:
Twitter went public in 2013, and was evaluated 12 times more than New York Times. Even though NY Times made $133 million in previous year and Twitter virtually had only expenses. Peter Thiel - Zero to One.

3 reasons to illustrate that you are
already running late:

1. It will be more expensive tomorrow
A fast growing number of businesses are following their consumers into the "digital" world. This enables them to start shaping digital landscape to the advantage of their own business. These factors will surely boost demand for digital services and the price will constantly increase. In 10 years, an advertising campaign on social media will cost 10 times more than it does today.
McKinsey Global Media Report 2015 ->

2. Advanced personalization and targeting
Digital came from the word "digit." This means everything is programmed, tracked and recorded. Digital opens doors to in-depth analysis, automation, factual projections, and behavioral marketing. This also provides the ability to analyze and customize a customer's journey to improve the overall experience.

3. Branding and Authority
Social media and content marketing created opportunities for companies to showcase their expertise, value, and services. Companies who can utilize the full potential of these channels are not only winning top dollars but also have the love and the trust of their customers as well as the prospects.

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