Unlike a faceless corporation,

TTBA is a group of dynamic individuals who strongly believe that Marketing should bring real value to not only businesses but also its customers.

The best creative is clear and simple. Our focus is on user experience and we seek perfection in the details. We are inspired by art and technology. We believe in building relationships. No matter how big or small the project, we will help your brand connect with your customers.

You don't choose your family. But you chose the people you do business with. Our team is young and motivated. 9am suited at your office? Done. Beers at the pub at 9pm? Easy! We adapt to your environment 100%.
Founder & CEO
President & Co-Founder,
VP Operations
Co-Founder & VP Business Development
Co-Founder & VP Finance
Front End Developer
Junior Web Developer
Social Media Specialist
Advertising Specialist
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Web Marketing Specialist
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