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Our mandate was to create a brand identity for WishBox and develop successful go-to market strategy.

We identified 3 main objectives:

Position WishBox brand

Video production
Social Media

Enhance product experience

Ecommerce website
Automated emails
Funnel automation

Develop acquisition channels

Content Marketing

What defines a perfect gift?

+ 26,000 organic reach in 3 days

Web & Mobile Develpement
- Custom e-commerce website
- Email Automation
- SEO strategy & optimization
- Copywriting

Visit Montreal gifts website
+ 72.4%

Increase in Google organic traffic as a result of successful SEO strategy implementation.
+ 162%

Increase in sales conversion on the website resulting increase in total sales.
x 2.5 times

Increase in total page views, meaning that people are browsing through more then double the pages than before.
x 2 times

UX/UI implimentation decreased the Bounce Rate by half resulting a significant increase in SEO rankings.
600% Increase in Sales
from the previous quarter as a result of the executed marketing campaign.
224% Increase in organic traffic
from the previous quarter as a result of our SEO strategy.
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