5 Reasons To Use Social Media For Business 5 Simple Tips to Drive More Website Traffic

Effective web marketing strategy for small business

Email marketing and social media have evolved into powerhouse tools for marketers, but they're not enough by themselves to increase sales. Small businesses need a complete web marketing strategy to make their products stand out and sell.

Unfortunately, however, most SMBs aren't tapping into the full potential of online marketing. It's small wonder: a complete marketing strategy involves more resources than many have the time or the budget for.

But it's not as complex as everyone believes. As proof, here are 4 simple steps to take when developing your own marketing strategy.

1. Begin developing your web marketing strategy with Branding

Just because you have a logo and a website, doesn't mean you're done with branding. You need a message, too. Here's where you get to tell your prospects how you're better than all your competitors. Find your angle an authentic way that you stand out and the rest of your marketing strategy (including email marketing) will build upon that message.

Branding vs Logo

2. Shore up your website with engaging content and great user experience

Now that you've defined your brand, check to see if the content on your website supports your message. Next, take a look at your social media accounts: do they also properly convey your brand?

And how about user experience- is your website format driving away visitors? Things like fast loading time, ease of navigation, clearly written text and great visuals ensure that your visitors' interaction is positive when they get to your site.

In the name of content marketing make sure the content you provide is engaging...informative, helpful, entertaining, authoritative, or all of the above!

online reputation

3. Don't forget your online reputation

All the online marketing in the world won't trump a bad online reputation. Even just a handful of bad reviews can negate tons of hard work, so cultivate positive reviews from your satisfied customers to counter-balance any negatives you may receive.

4. Now make your site convert

You've got a brand, you're offering great content... now make sure it's all in line with your marketing goals. Whether it's lead generation, email list building, or more sales, make sure your website is maximizing that engagement & great user experience towards your goals. Something as simple as a call to action (CTA) on each page can do the trick. The CTA can drive your email marketing, for example, where you're asking for visitors' emails. Tie in everything with your social media accounts, which can serve to drive traffic to your site, and you've got a winning marketing strategy.