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Tips to Drive More Website Traffic

Your online advertising dollars aren't well spent if all you're doing is trying to rank in Google. That ship has passed for marketers because it's simply not as effective as it used to be. We now have techniques like social media marketing, blog outreach, and content marketing in our employ...and business owners who want to drive more website traffic are using these and more to create wonderfully effective online advertising strategies that work.

Here are 5 of the best...


1. Post awesome content

The foundation of content marketing is, of course, great content. That means, among other things, engagement-worthy blog posts and stunning visuals done consistently and often.

It also means employing the RIGHT content, too. You can write a brilliant blog post, but it must also be relevant. Use keyword research to target your content to what your customers want to see.


2. Make friends with influencers

No matter how much they may love your content, your target audience isn't necessarily going to share it with anyone. Hence, there goes your leverage for growing an audience.

It's the "influencers" in your industry who do the sharing, so seek them out, make friends, and hope they share the love when you post your content.


3. Practice blog outreach

As long as you're reaching out to influencers, you may as well build relationships with bloggers in your niche as well. Relevant bloggers can send traffic to your site and they can increase exposure to your content through their own social media accounts as well.

Blog outreach can take the form of guest posts, sponsored posts, links, or social media sharing.

4. Build a social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing is a required component these days...just be sure to match your business with the right platform. Not all channels are right for all types of businesses, so do your research... some are better for B2B while others work great for B2C.

Use social media marketing techniques to promote your content, driving traffic regularly to your very own marketing hub, which is your website.


5. Don't overlook the importance of on-site SEO to drive more website traffic

SEO isn't dead... it's just different. We now speak more in terms of "on-site SEO". This includes classic techniques such as internal linking, meta descriptions, and content that's rich with long-tail keywords, all of which will help with optimizing for the search engines.

These are 5 good tips for increasing traffic to your website, but by no means are they the only ways. They're a good place to start, though, when you need to boost traffic to your site. What are your favorite ways?