5 Reasons To Use Social Media For Business

5 tips to attract new customers

5 Simple Tips to Attract New Customers

If you have a business card but no online identity, you must of came from the 80’s. These days, not only we need strong digital presence to get noticed, but we need to create marketing strategies to attract new customers to one's business! Let me highlight 5 things you must do to bring those clients to your doorsteps.

1. No shooting in the air

Don’t try to please everyone. Instead, you should focus on the most feasible option. Understand your buyer, get to know him. Marketers say that assigning a name to your “perfect” client helps you visualize his buying persona. In fact, it makes you understand your target audience.


2. Create content

Engage your audience. Let them experience your brand. Events, videos, blog posts, infographics, e-books, newsletters; you name it. Be creative! Always keep in mind that an average person gets bored in 10 seconds or less. Try to grab attention right away.

3. Make it useful

Relevance of the content is important. Who wants to know the score from the game last year? Make sure your audience can benefit from viewing your content. Once, twice, they will soon ask your advice!

4. Call to action

Show them what to do next. Let them see the path and guide them along the way. Daniel Pink, in his book “To Sell Is Human”, said that showing people the end result, will significantly increase your chances them to “move”. Later, we will discuss what are the most effective ways to generate leads.


5. Easy to swallow

Easy, make it easy. Here is one exercise. Talk to your grandmother, tell her about your business. What is your job and what problem you are solving for people. See if she understands it. Repeat unless she can relate to the story. Once done, you can be sure to communicate your message to your audience.

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